Powder coating services in
Wisconsin, Minnesota and the
greater midwest area.

We have robust capabilities to accommodate your powder coating projects.

Conveyorized powder coat application

SKYCOAT has 2 conveyorized powder coating lines. Our automated technology allows us to reclaim any powder, quickly change colors, and apply powder using automatic powder coating equipment. With our 7 stage pretreatment washer the performance has been salt spray tested on aluminum and steel substrates to exceed 1000 hours. Don’t worry magnesium casters, we have a performance case study for you as well using our 8 stage automated immersion pretreatment line. We will prove it, check out our case studies page to see our performance for salt spray and other quality testing data.

Batch system powder coat application

You know what they say, big oven… big parts! Serious now, we can powder coat your parts that will fit in our 10' wide x 10’ tall x 30’ in length oven. We have a large wash bay to pretreat your projects using the following heated chemistry depending on the substrate:

  • Iron Phosphate
  • Zirconium
  • Acid Etch and clean for aluminum
  • Heated water rinsing

Chain on edge powder coating conveyor

Small parts high volume powder coating chain on edge conveyor.

Powder coating general information

Powder coating is applied by electrostatic charging the paint particles using a powder gun that in return will attract the powder particles to a grounded metal part. The part and powder are then cured typically 350-425 Degrees to undergo a crosslinking reaction. There are many chemical formulations of powder coating to meet the diverse range of functional coatings. Some of the common formulations include Polyester, TGIC, Epoxy, Urethane and Superdurable.