Powder Coating

SKYCOAT develops specific work cell production lines for higher volume and controlled processes.

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E Coating

E coating is a immersion process in a bath containing the electrophoretic paint emulsion, and then an electric current is passed through both the product and the emulsion.

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Liquid Painting

SKYCOAT leverages decades of liquid painting experience in a continuous effort to enhance our processes.

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Conversion Coatings

Chemical Conversion Coatings

 Conversion coatings are used to provide corrosion protection and increased surface hardness in addition to serving as a paint primer.

Alodine 5200

Alodine 5200


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MEDIA BLASTING can be used to: shape surfaces, remove surface contaminants, smooth an uneven surface, or roughen an even surface.

DEBURRING is the process of removing raised imperfections extending outward from metals.

POLISHING is done to smooth a part’s surf

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MASKING: is adhered to parts to ensure precision while powder coating or other finishers are applied.

ASSEMBLY:  parts are reconnected or reassembled in house to promote process efficiency, reduce timelines, and lower costs.

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